Many theatre reviews in our region have lost their way. The close ties between the reviewers and performers, their websites and theatre advertising, have led to compromised write-ups of local productions that not only deceive theatre goers but breed a culture of mediocrity in our region. If our art is to improve then we must talk honestly and constructively. There is a vast amount of theatre being produced in DC, Maryland and Virginia, and the choice for the paying public is greater than ever – if every show is receiving four or five stars we are not only denying them an informed choice but actively pushing them towards poor value for money. Take a look at our unique scoring system and our value for money guide. Theatre to the Point will have no links to any theatre and will take no advertising revenue from any show we review.

Our reviewers have a wealth of theatre experience through their education, acting, directing and other artistic roles. They will, however, remain anonymous, so our reviews can be truly #tothepoint. They will be paying customers at every show.