Every show that Theatre to the Point reviews will receive a score out of 100.

For Musicals our standard scoring system is as follows:



The distribution of these 80 artistic points, and the 20 technical points, can be adjusted based on the nature of the show.

The available points in each category will always be displayed in our reviews.

For Plays, all of the 80 artistic points are available to the Director.

When calculating points for the Director we factor in categories such as casting, acting performances, blocking and overall vision. For the Music Director we look at the solo vocals, the ensemble numbers and the orchestra. When analyzing the Choreographer we take into account the staging, execution, relevance and originality.

Theatre to the Point will not recommend any show that doesn’t score a 60 out of 100 or higher.

ttpBut it’s not just the show it’s the price of the ticket! Our table below sets out our quality expectations. This is the only fair way to compare community theatre and professional shows side by side.

Value Chart


So, if we review a show and score it 80 out of 100, and the ticket price was $30, we can see from the value chart the target score for the show was 65. This gives the show a value score of +$30. Go see it! Conversely, if we review a show and it gets 80 out of 100 but the ticket price was $90, the target score was 87.5. This gives the show a value score of -$30. This doesn’t mean don’t go! It means you can look at our chart and see that the correct value for the show is $60 and you can search sites like Groupon and Gold Star to see if you can find a deal.